Bulletproof Tactical Vest Integrated in Pilotīs Jacket/Jacket

Those who love luxury excite envy in their environment. In a number countries throughout the world this can bear serious dangers. On demand of our renowned clientele we have developed stab and bullet proof trend clothing in cooperation with a ballistics company.
The clothes protect against assaults with firearms or pointed objects (e.g. needles, knives etc.). The protection class of these fashilnable jackets even exceed the European Police Standard.

As a spezial feature the clothing is light and freedom of movement is not restricted. In addition, the protective design cannot be recognized from outside.
No matter if you prefer a sailorīs jacket or a wax jacket, protection is provided in any case. One of our customers already had his first involuntary practical test. He withstood a knife attack uninjured.

This vests offers protection level according to NIJ STD. 0101.04 level IIA and European Police Standard for Tactical Vests RPS B (1999). This armour protects against 9mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJRN) projectiles, with a weight of 8,0 g (124 gr.) at 430 m/s.

Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) type DM 11A1B2 (DN or MEN) projectile with a weight of 8.0 g (124 gr) at 415 m/s. 44 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) type Norma 11103/61103 projectile with a weight of 15,6 g (158 gr) at 390 m/s. 44 Magnum Jacketed Hollow Point (J HP) projectile, with a weight of 15,6 g (240 gr) at 430m/s.
Eastern European Tokarev LC 7.62 x 25 mm steel core projectile with a weight of 5,5 g at 455 m/s. up to 25 Joule according to PSDB (2003).

The vests also protects against stabs, cuts, slashes with sharp and blunt edged weapons like hypodermic needles, 'ice picks', knives, broken bottles, The protection class NIJ IIA is a little higher than 'Deutsche Schutzkklasse 1'.

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