Counter Surveillance

In the recent past the question of how delicate video and audio recordings have found their way into the public or into the hands of competitors frequently comes up. Miniaturisation going on in general has not stopped at this field of technology either. People of public interest in particular as well as managers are exposed to enormous danger.
Specialists are able to install cameras and miniature transmitters unnoticed and in no time at all. Protect yourself and your information by taking selective countermeasures. Regular searching for transmitters and cameras is part of the standard programme whenever an economic summit or a state visit takes place.

VIP-SECURE-YACHT makes it possible for you to use this technology on your yacht as well. We offer a complete range of radio frequency transmitter and camera detectors. So you can check for uninvited listeners and watchers each time before staying on your yacht.
We will be pleased to give individual and discreet advice.

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