Audio & Video Surveillance

Video surveillance in banks and department stores has become a matter of everyday life in the past years. The use of video surveillance has been able to clearly reduce vandalism and theft. In addition, spectacular cases of white collar crime could be uncovered by using covert video surveillance. In some of these cases our technology provided the crucial information. In all cases it was of major importance to combine perfect image quality with a minimum of size and power consumption.

As a yacht owner you are certainly interested in the state of your yacht and her protection. Our range of cameras offers individual solutions including special designs of camouflaged cameras as well as transmitting and recording systems to meet your particular requirements. Thus you have the possibility to monitor from your bunk, from your bridge or from your company what is happening on your yacht.

The monitoring process can even be event-controlled. No one can enter your property unnoticed. Due to the concealed installation of the camera nobody else but you has to know about its existence.

Contact us for individual solutions to your application.

Camouflaged High Resolution Camera

These very compact CCD-cameras in COLOUR or B/W offer the advantage of small dimensions and at the same time maximum high resolution image reproduction. Automatic exposure control, high speed and dynamics make this camera unique worldwide.

A variety of camouflaged lenses are available for various usages. The cameras meet the highest standards to be employed for longterm observation.

Technical data:

  • Power supply: 8 V/12V
  • Lens: Various spezial pinhole lenses
  • Resolution B/W: 420 - 570 TV-lines
  • Colour resolution: 380 - 570 TV-lines

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